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Mixed Greens

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Mixed Green - all in powdered form

From an organic natural garden from the North part of Vancouver Island BC Canada.

Each bag is approximately 7 grams or 7 large teaspoons - 7 portions

When you receive your package place all the greens in a sealed small glass container for storage and keep your Mixed Greens fresh.

The Mixed Greens contain a mix of Lettuce, Kale, Spinach all green vegetables in powdered form.

The level of Nutrients is very high - therefore add one large teaspoon to cooked food or smoothies.

Suggestions when cooking food just add one large teaspoon to your pasta, rice, soups, stews, whatever you are cooking.

High in Fiber, Vitamin K for bone strength, Vitamin A for eye health, Vitamin B for brain health, Vitamin C for cold and chronic health.  High levels of nutrition can help with weight-loss and cancer fighting properties.