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Mixed Mushrooms

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Foraged Mushrooms from Northern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

A collection of varieties include Chicken in the Woods, Turkey Tail, Lobster, Chantrelle and other edible local mushrooms all dired and grinded down into power form.

Approximately 7 grams of powered Mushrooms per bag therefore 7 large teaspoons per serving.

Once you receive your package please place all powder into a sealed glass jar for storage - to keep the product fresh.

When cooking add one large teaspoon to your cooking ie sauces, rice, soups etc.

This one teaspoon will help add extra minerals to your diet.  Many compounds found in foraged mushrooms help protect your cells from damage and stimulate your immune system to produce healthy cells within your body to fight against disease.  

Mushrooms are also a nutrient dense low calorie food to help with weight loss and digestive issues.