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Hormone Balance for Women Combo

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These groups of combinations are perfect for a Women to help balance her hormones.

You will receive 3 packages of Dried Herbs - combine all three into a glass jar.  Then use the mix in teas.

To make your own teas, uses either a stainless steel tea ball, paper tea bags or cloth reusable teabags or a simple method is purchasing cheese cloth and natural hemp rope from a Dollar store to make your own tea bags very reasonable.

  • Ladys Mantle - is a traditional herb for menstruation problems.  Alchemilla Vulgaris consists of vaso-relaxant properties which helps relax the tension in the blood vessels, reduces pain and cramping.  
  • Lemon Balm from the mint family- has a compound called rosmarincic acid which helps with menstrual cramps and fatigue.  
  • Feverfew Flower - this herb is from the daisy family.  These flowers can help with menstrual discomfort.

Please take the tea when your body needs it - this combination of the three herbs in a glass jar can last 1 year.