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Oral Health Tea Combo

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This combo is a combination of 3 foraged items which you add all three packages into a glass jar and mix and make your own individual tea bags or single tea portion focusing on Oral Health.

  • Orange Rind in Powder Form contains plant compounds polyphemids which prevent and manage chronic health especially within the mouth and throat.  Contains Provitamin A.
  • Lemon Balm Dried Leaves - which comes from the Mint family and helps reduce and maintain cold sores in the mouth and excessive bacteria from a compound in the leaves called Rosmarincic acid.
  • Wild Mint Leaves dried - as we all know mint is a main ingredient in toothpaste and very beneficial to relieve congestion in the mouth, nose and throat.  Mint also has a great taste and keep oral care a fresh smell.

Combine all three packages together in a sealed glass jar and use as a tea daily if needed for Oral health or only when needed.  Only one cup of tea per day.