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Who Are We


This website is managed by Laskamaria Entertainment Ltd. in Vancouver, BC, Canada, owned and operated by Laska.  I have a personal home party company and sell wholesale to other home party companies and designer adult boutiques in North America via EP Products Canada. 


I answer all emails and text messages, and if you want to know more about me and all my products check out my personal blog.


As of 2018 I have added some Cannabis Infused Products to our Product line from Lubricants Creams etc - these products are available in Canada only and at Home Parties



Privacy Policy


Since I, Laska, have extremely delicate clients, I do not share your information.  Any personal information you supply to me will never be shared, traded or transferred to any other business or organization, ever.  You will never receive product information or correspondence from me unless you specifically request it via our mailing list per website.  Your privacy is my top priority.


Secure Shopping


I totally understand secure shopping, that is why this site is via the website builder, www.hotcircle.com


Shipping is FREE in CANADA over $50.00 for Retail Clients payment via Visa and Mastercard or E-transfer. (Etransfer is only available for Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms etc sorry no credit card)


COD is offered for Canadian addresses, there is a $8.00 charge - however you don't have to pay until your order is delivered via Canada Post. 


All prices are in Canadian dollars and taxes are included.


Canadian orders only no International orders.


This company has the ability to ensure that every thing is secure and confidential.  So no need to worry.




Sorry no returns on any products, due to the nature of the items.  However, I ensure that your product is in working order and include batteries in every purchase.  If there are major problems call me or email me so we can chat about your individual purchase and situation.


There are no guarantees or claims for sexual benefits or health benefits.


Confidentiality in Shipping


Of course, there is nothing more embarrassing then a huge package showing up at your home with some sexual name on it.  Therefore, I put my name on the return address, Laskamaria, so your neighbours and postman think that you are receiving a personal gift. 


If you are not comfortable ordering online please text me 604-657-7840 or email me laskamaria@yahoo.ca for personal shopping.




Shipping is FREE over $50.00 Canadian per order via Canada Post Expedited Service in Canada, 3-5 business days. (add 3 to 5 extra days from November 11 to Christmas Eve)


Since I am based in Canada and all our prices are in Canadian dollars, taxes are based per province. 


Faster Service:  Your choice based on how fast you want it and how much you want to pay for shipping.   Please contact me direct at 604-657-7840 for overnight or 3 day delivery.


I ship out within 5 business days unless the product is marked in the product description on the delivery time.  Most of my items are in my warehouse and I can ship out ASAP. 


Product Selection


I do not have a huge comprehensive selection, if you want the Doc Johnson, California Erotic, etc please go to the other sites for those products.  However, if you want high-end and unique products and extremely reasonable prices order from me, which is what I specialize it. 


If you are an adult site with content start your own adult product site (e-commerce site), visit www.hotcircle.com which can put your e-commerce site together for a very reasonable monthly cost.


All models are over the age of majority 18 years.


More company information:


Laskamaria Entertainment Ltd.

Suite 601 - 1917 West 4th Avenue

Vancouver, BC  V6J 1M7 Canada

Direct Telephone Number: 604-657-7840

Email: laska@sexedwithatwist.com or laskamaria@yahoo.ca

View www.sexedwithatwist.com if you want the education, personality and opinions on these products. Site offered by Laskamaria Ltd.